Project Carlow 2040: A Vision for Regeneration

Closed28 Sep, 2020, 1:00pm - 26 Oct, 2020, 5:00pm

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Project Carlow 2040 is an ambitious Regeneration Strategy for Carlow Town which contains transformational and aspiring concepts for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Carlow. In this document, plans for the future development of Carlow Town are proposed alongside objectives setting out how it is intended to achieve these, with some specific ambitious improvements proposed for the Town Centre.

This draft Regeneration Strategy includes several key interventions for Carlow Town which will play a major role in delivering a range of strategic objectives over the next 20 years. In accordance with the National Planning framework (NPF) and the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Region, where Carlow is identified as a Key Town, the draft Strategy is innovative and offers a sustainable approach to urban regeneration which has been tailored for Carlow Town.

Why is it important to get involved with this Strategy?

Through the implementation of this Strategy and its individual elements, it is envisaged that better town centre spaces will be created which will in turn enhance competitiveness and commercial activity.  This will encourage town centre living and enhance the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors, improving the viability of Carlow into the future.

A long-term vision of this Regeneration Strategy is to transform Carlow Town into a regional powerhouse of sustainable economic growth that will offer business opportunities and a better quality of life for all. Carlow Town will become a centre for education, cutting edge business and high-quality retailing.

In collaboration with the community, Carlow County Council is commencing a public consultation of the Project Carlow 2040 - A Vision for Regeneration draft plan. This plan will shape how we approach the redevelopment of Carlow Town and we want it to represent a shared vision for all members of the community therefore we invite and welcome your views and observations. We thank the people who have engaged in the consultation process to date and have helped with the formation of this draft strategy as presented.

How to have your say

We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can give your feedback in the following ways:

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You can review the plan here online at: See the Contents panel opposite.
To make a submission just register for a free account and click on the 'Make a Submission' link.

Writing: By Post

You can also give your feedback in writing. Submissions should be marked  Review of Draft Project Carlow 2040 - A Vision for Regeneration for Carlow Town  and sent by post to the following address:

Head of Enterprise, Review of Draft Project Carlow 2040 - A Vision for Regeneration for Carlow Town, Local Enterprise Office, Carlow County Council, Athy Road, Carlow.

By E-mail

A further option is to make your submission by email to:

Please make your submission by 5.00pm on 26th October 2020 and by one medium only i.e. hard copy, online or by email.


In order to support groups to make submissions, a presentation can be made of the draft plan.
These can be arranged by contacting Lisa Moore on 059/9129783 or via e-mail to
Meetings will be held via MS Teams/Zoom as requested.

Please note presentations are for information and the content or feedback receipted does not represent a submission.

Submission Deadline

Please make your submission by 5.00pm on 26th October 2020 and by one medium only i.e. hard copy / email or via the online consultation portal. Please note these submissions will be published along with your name but your contact details will not be published.