Chapter 9: Landscape and Green Infrastructure

Closed23 Feb, 2022, 9:00am - 23 Mar, 2022, 4:30pm
Section 9.8           Landscape  - Policies

(Amendment No. 62) Insert additional text in green to Policy LA. P1 , Section 9.8 ‘Landscape - Policies’’  (page 225) as follows:-

LA P 1: Protect and maintain the overall integrity of the County’s landscape, by recognising its capacity to sustainably integrate and absorb appropriate development, and by ensuring that development protects, retains and, where necessary, enhances the appearance and character of the landscape, and does not unduly damage or detract from those features which contribute to its value, character, distinctiveness and sensitivity e.g. landform, habitats, scenic quality, settlement pattern, historic heritage, amenity, land use and tranquillity.  


(Amendment No. 63) Insert additional text in green to Policy LA. P2 , Section 9.8 ‘Landscape - Policies’’  (page 225) as follows:-

LA P2: Ensure that development will not have a disproportionate landscape or visual impact in sensitive upland areas of the County (due to siting, layout, design or excessive scale, height, and bulk) and will not significantly interfere with or detract from scenic upland vistas, when viewed from the surrounding environment, including nearby areas, scenic views and routes, and from settlements.


Section 9.10         Benefits of Green Infrastructure

(Amendment No. 64) Insert additional text in green to Section 9.10 ‘Benefits of Green Infrastructure’ (page 228)  as follows:-

Section 9.10  Benefits of Green and Blue Infrastructure

Green and blue infrastructure is essentially the green spaces and the water environment.


Section 9.11         Green Infrastructure – A Strategy for Carlow

(Amendment No. 65) Insert additional text in green to Policy GI P7 , Section 9.11 ‘Green Infrastructure Policies’  (page 230) as follows:-

GI P7: Promote a network of walking and cycling trails to enhance accessibility to the County’s green infrastructure network, and ensure such proposals are subject to feasibility (including alternatives to the use of existing green infrastructure) and route/site selection processes so that impacts to biodiversity and nature conservation interests are avoided’.




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