Chapter 15: Smaller Serviced Villages

Closed23 Feb, 2022, 9:00am - 23 Mar, 2022, 4:30pm
15.5 Smaller Serviced Villages (Bennekerry/Glynn/Old Leighlin/St. Mullins)

(Amendment No. 161) Insert new policy under Section 15.5, new text in green as follows:

Flood Risk Management

SV. P10:  Manage flood risk in Bennekerry, Glynn, Old Leighlin and St. Mullins in accordance with the following provisions:

New highly vulnerable development is only appropriate within Flood Zone C. New less vulnerable development is only appropriate within Flood Zone B/C. For existing development within Flood Zone A/B it is not appropriate to undertake significant redevelopment whereby additional numbers of people are introduced into the Flood Zone.

Any future development should be subject to an FRA which must follow the general guidance provided in Section 6 of the SFRA and specifically address the following:

  • Existing flood data is indicative and does not provide flood levels. An appropriately detailed hydraulic model will be required to confirm flood levels and extents;
  • FRA should address climate change scenarios in relation to FFLs and potential mitigation measures;
  • Finished floor levels should be above the 1% AEP level plus climate change and freeboard;
  • For existing development in Zone A/B extensions/renovations bedrooms should be located in the upstairs of two-storey buildings;
  • Flood resilient construction materials and fittings should be considered if in Flood Zone A/B;
  • Proposals should not impede existing flow paths or cause flood risk impacts to the surrounding areas;
  • Emergency evacuation plan and defined access / egress routes should be developed for extreme flood events; and,
  • Any development shall also be required to be built in accordance with Carlow County Council SuDS Policy.