Appendix 1: List of Persons / Bodies who made Submissions to Draft Plan Public Consultation

Closed23 Feb, 2022, 9:00am - 23 Mar, 2022, 4:30pm



CLW-C10-1 Seamus Grogan

CLW-C10-30 Sean Mahon on behalf of Jimmy O'Toole

CLW-C10-2 Social Enterprise Republic of Ireland

CLW-C10-31 Sean Mahon on behalf of Doyle’s Shop Royal Oak Bagenalstown

CLW-C10-3 Irish Green Building Council

CLW-C10-32 Mark Bannon on behalf of Edward Nolan

CLW-C10-4 Not valid

CLW-C10-33 Thompson Project Management Ltd.

CLW-C10-5 Not valid

CLW-C10-34 Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin

CLW-C10-6 Health and Safety Authority

CLW-C10-35 Kehoe Architectural Design on behalf of Seamus O’Toole

CLW-C10-7 Pamela Glynn

CLW-C10-36 Kehoe Architectural Design on behalf of William Rooney

CLW-C10-8 Not valid

CLW-C10-37 Mark Bannon on behalf of Donald Coady

CLW-C10-9 Environmental Protection Agency

CLW-C10-38 Carlow Public Participation Network (PPN)

CLW-C10-10 Department of Transport

CLW-C10-39 Woodlawn Developments

CLW-C10-11 Eastern and Midlands Regional Assembly

CLW-C10-40 Carlow Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism CLG

CLW-C10-12 Ger Barnard

CLW-C10-41 Tom McGimsey on behalf of Shamrock Square Ltd.

CLW-C10-13 Genesis Planning Consultants on behalf of Leslie Graham

CLW-C10-42 Coillte CGA

CLW-C10-14 Burgess Construction Services Ltd on behalf of Bunclody Estates Ltd.

CLW-C10-43 Kehoe Architectural Design on behalf of Edel Murphy

CLW-C10-15 Kildare County Council

CLW-C10-44 Ger Lawlor

CLW-C10-16 Transport Infrastructure Ireland

CLW-C10-45 Gillian Merrigan

CLW-C10-17 Edmond Hayden

CLW-C10-46 Alan Kenny

CLW-C10-18 Tom Walsh

CLW-C10-47 Bryan Thompson

CLW-C10-19 Lightsource bp

CLW-C10-48 Laois County Council

CLW-C10-20 Noelle Dunne

CLW-C10-49 Paul & Thelma Nolan

CLW-C10-21 Peter Thomson on behalf of Euro Care Limited

CLW-C10-50 Gerard Lister

CLW-C10-22 Ann Gittons

CLW-C10-51 Wind Energy Ireland

CLW-C10-23 Ronan O Riain

CLW-C10-52 Tinryland NS

CLW-C10-24 Office of Public Works

CLW-C10-53 Ailish Dore

CLW-C10-25 Gary Gill

CLW-C10-54 Dept. Environment Climate and Communications

CLW-C10-26 Coillte Renewable Energy

CLW-C10-55 Olivia O'Leary Save the Barrow Line Committee

CLW-C10-27 Thomas Little

CLW-C10-56 Art Mooney

CLW-C10-28 Local Authority Waters Programme

CLW-C10-57 Olivia O’Leary Save the Barrow Line Committee Duplicate 10-55

CLW-C10-29 Sean Mahon on behalf of Jim Farrell

CLW-C10-58 Woodlawn Developments

CLW-C10-59 Aviva

CLW-C10-93 Galetech Energy Developments

CLW-C10-60 Failte Ireland

CLW-C10-94 Niall Kelly

CLW-C10-61 Keep Ireland Open

CLW-C10-95 Irish Water

CLW-C10-62 Breda Ryan

CLW-C10-96 Lidl Ireland GmbH

CLW-C10-63 Turlough O Brien

CLW-C10-97 National Transport Authority

CLW-C10-64 David Durdin Robertson

CLW-C10-98 Damian Howard

CLW-C10-65 Turley Town Planning Associates on behalf of Michael Quinn

CLW-C10-99 Jim Deane

CLW-C10-66 Lisa McCaffery

CLW-C10-100 Maisey O Sullivan

CLW-C10-67 Grainne Moran

CLW-C10-101 Office of the Planning Regulator

CLW-C10-68 Sarah Durdin Robertson

CLW-C10-102 Andy Gladney

CLW-C10-69 Pat Webb

CLW-C10-103 Dept of Housing, Local Government and Heritage - DAU

CLW-C10-70 Ceola Webb

CLW-C10-104 Department of Education

CLW-C10-71 Carlow Regional Game Council

CLW-C10-105 Irish Traveller Movement

CLW-C10-72 Save Mount Leinster

CLW-C10-106 Pádraig Webb

CLW-C10-73 Clogrennane Lime Ltd

CLW-C10-107 Southern Region Waste Management Plan Office

CLW-C10-74 National Scientific Committee for Cultural Landscape - ICOMOS

CLW-C10-108 Nesselside Builders UC

CLW-C10-75 James McDonnell

CLW-C10-109 Bernadette Power

CLW-C10-76 ESB

CLW-C10-110 Vanessa Liston

CLW-C10-77 Andy Beach

CLW-C10-111 3cea

CLW-C10-78 Carlow Barrow Users Group

CLW-C10-112 Ros Murray

CLW-C10-79 Bobby Quinn

CLW-C10-113 3cea

CLW-C10-80 Iarnód Éireann

CLW-C10-114 Swift Conservation Ireland

CLW-C10-81 Carlow Branch Birdwatch Ireland

CLW-C10-115 3cea re

CLW-C10-82 Southern Regional Assembly

CLW-C10-116 Theresa Shulver

CLW-C10-83 An Post

CLW-C10-117 Rosemary Rooney

CLW-C10-84 Swim Ireland

CLW-C10-118 Waterways Ireland

CLW-C10-85 Firtree Developments Ltd

CLW-C10-119 DAU - Duplicate of CLW-C10-103

CLW-C10-86 Margaret Brennan

CLW-C10-120 Peter Egan

CLW-C10-87 Myshall Muintir na Tire

CLW-C10-121 Brenda Kirwan

CLW-C10-88 The Arts Council

CLW-C10-122 Naomi and Robert Moore

CLW-C10-89 Susan Nancy Kelly

CLW-C10-123 St. Fiacc’s Swimming Club

CLW-C10-90 Aoibhín Webb

CLW-C10-124 Niall Kelly Duplicate of CLW-C10-94

CLW-C10-91 Carole Webb

CLW-C10-125 Nicky Parle

CLW-C10-92 Galetech on behalf of Carlow Wind Limited

CLW-C10-126 Marty White

CLW-C10-127 Philip and Grainne Moran

CLW-C10-133 Richard and Helen Marnell

CLW-C10-128 Richard Walsh- Submission withdrawn

CLW-C10-134 Yvonne Bolger

CLW-C10-129 Arboretum Rachel Doyle and others

CLW-C10-135 Marie, Gerard and Leo Moore

CLW-C10-130 Gerry Dunne

CLW-C10-136 Paul Doyle

CLW-C10-131 Pat Purcell

CLW-C10-137 Richard Kelly

CLW-C10-132 Leighlinbridge Improvement Group