Carlow County Council - Local Enterprise Office - Confidential Business Advice & Clinic Service 2024

Open22 Dec, 2023, 12:00am - 30 Nov, 2024, 11:45pm

Our confidential business advisory service is open to anyone exploring self-employment as an option. It is also available to those who are currently operating a small business be it newly or well established. We offer an ‘Information Centre’ whereby business clients are welcome to confidentially discuss their venture with a Business Advisor who can provide information, guidance and a range of soft supports such as subsidised training programmes, mentoring and management development programmes. If you would like to avail of an appointment with one of our business advisors please submit your request.

Please complete all fields with as much detail as possible to allow us to signpost you to the most relevant supports available.

Alternatively you may contact us on 059 - 9129783 or on email at 


Applicants must be located in the Carlow County Council catchment area.  Applicants from other areas will be reffered to their Local Enterprise Office in their respective Local Authority. The LEO reserves the right to decline applicants for Business Advice Support on the basis of their business or application being deemed unsuitable. Where appropriate, alternative supports may be offered.

What to expect ? 

The first session is different for everybody , some people want a chat and some people want feedback on information prepared. A business advice session is a valuable opportunity for people considering starting a business,  entrepreneurs and business owners to seek guidance, insights, and support for their business journey. 

Expect a conversation about your business goals, both short-term and long-term. The advisor may ask questions to understand your vision, mission, and the specific objectives you aim to achieve. They may have to ask about your background and personal circumstances in order to advise on suitable products and services available to support your business. 

The advisor may help identify potential opportunities for growth, efficiency improvements, or cost savings. This could involve exploring new markets, refining products or services, or implementing technology solutions. Expect the session to be an open and collaborative dialogue. The advisor is there to listen, provide insights, and work with you to find practical solutions to the challenges you're facing.

Remember that the effectiveness of a business advice session often depends on the level of openness, honesty, and engagement from the person seeking advice. Be ready to actively participate and implement the recommendations discussed during the session to drive positive outcomes for your business.

Where are the meetings held ? 

The meetings are held in Enterprise House , O'Brien Road , Carlow or in one of our Rural Clinic Locations.  From time to time we do conduct the first visit in the clients premises but this is only where a business is up and operating in a premises. 

Who are our advisors ? 

Our Advisor Team is made up of a 3 person Team. The advisory team is headed up by the Assistant Head of Economic Development & Enterprise , Seamus Doran with our Business Advisors , Sarah Byrne & Melissa Doyle. All have full knowledge of government supports and work together to support your business idea.   





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