Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Aoibhín Webb

Chapter 3: Housing

Population and Housing

  • Include planning provisions for the requirement of environmentally sustainable nest boxes for bats and swifts to encourage urban biodiversity in largescale new developments within the county such as any extensions to the IT Carlow Campus and Technological University, Carlow College St. Patrick’s, any other third level institutions, secondary schools, primary schools, housing estates urban regeneration areas etc with a particular focus on urban areas throughout the county.   
  • Tinryland Proposed changes in zoning see figure attached; change from Enterprise and employment to new residential. Change from Village Expansion area to Open Space and Amenity as this is a much used walking route by members of the community and the Tinryland Athletics Club also forming an integral part of the route for the Carlow Cross Country Championships and Odlum Cup. Welcome the designation of the parish community fields as Open Space and Amenity currently much used by the community for recreation and look forward to investment in enhancing the facilities available to the St. Josephs AFC soccer club, Tinryland Athletics Club, and Bennekerry Tinryland community games who all use this facility.