Chapter 15 Town and Village Plans / Rural Nodes

Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 

Chapter 15 Town and Village Plans / Rural Nodes

This is a submission to the draft Carlow County Development Plan 2022-2028 (the Draft Plan) to request that the future Development of the lands at Slaney-quatre Grange, Tullow remain zoned for development.  
ECB Properties are the owner of this land and intend to apply for planning permission to finish the granted planning development (Pl No 04/686)  that was sarted in 2008 prior to the financial crash.

The planning on this land was originally granted for 104 Residential units to Include a Shop & Creche unfortunately due to the financial crash there was only 10 houses built and occupied through out the development., in addition to the 10 Houses services for approx 35 more units were laid to include,  Raods, Footpaths, kerbs, ESB, Public Lighting and Storm & Foul, these remain in place today 

It is our intention to complete this estate by reapplying for an application to complete the serviced land in one form or other.

There is ongoing talks with Irish Water / Carlow CoCo in relation to services in the greater Grange Area from tullow once works are completed on the new treatment Plant in Tullow (Workson this plant has Commenced and is due to be completed end of 2022) therefore leaving these Lands out of the 2022-2028 Carlow Development Plan and leaves the existing 10 residents in a very vunerable position for the next 10 years.

There is no reason why this development of affordable Houses should not be going to market in Late 2023 due to the Large amount of works allready carried out on this land.

This Land should not be over Looked in the 2022-2028 Carlow Development Plan