VIII. Record of Protected Structures

Dúnta28 Mei, 2022, 3:21pm - 28 Mei, 2022, 3:23pm


Cover of Record of Protected Structures

A Guide to Protected Structures 

What is a Protected Structure? 

A protected structure is a structure that a local authority considers to be of special interest from an architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical point of view.   Details of protected structures are entered by the authority in its record of protected structures, which is part of the development plan.   Each owner and occupier of a protected structure is legally obliged to ensure that the structure is preserved 

What obligations fall on owners and occupiers to ensure the preservation of protected structures? 

Each owner and occupier must ensure that a protected structure or any element of a protected structure is not endangered through harm, decay or damage, whether over a short or long period, through neglect or through direct or indirect means. 

Do special procedures apply to protected structures under the planning system?

Yes. Under the planning system, many minor works to structures do not normally require planning permission.  These works are known as exempted development.   However, for a protected structure, such works can be carried out without planning permission only if the works would not affect the character of the structure or any element of the structure that contributes to its special interest.  

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