Chapter 15 Town and Village Plans / Rural Nodes

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15.0 Introduction

Towns, villages and rural nodes throughout the County have a key economic and social function within the settlement hierarchy of County Carlow. The settlement strategy seeks to support the sustainable growth of these settlements ensuring growth occurs in a sustainable manner, supporting and facilitating local employment opportunities and economic activity while maintaining the unique character and natural assets of these areas.

The Settlement Hierarchy for County Carlow is outlined hereunder and is contained in Chapter 2 (Table 2.1). Chapter 2 details the strategic aims of the core strategy together with settlement hierarchy policies and core strategy objectives to ensure the sustainable development of County Carlow over the Plan period.

Landuse  zonings, policies and objectives as contained in this Chapter should be read in conjunction with all other Chapters, policies and objectives as applicable throughout this Plan. In accordance with Section 10(8) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) it should be noted that there shall be no presumption in law that any land zoned in this development plan (including any variation thereof) shall remain so zoned in any subsequent development plan.

Settlement Tier

Settlement Typology




Key Town

Large population scale urban centre functioning as self – sustaining regional drivers. Strategically located urban center with accessibility and significant influence in a sub-regional context.

Carlow Town



District Towns

Well-developed serviced settlements with a moderate level of jobs supporting services and community facilities with good transport links and capacity for continued commensurate growth to become more self-sustaining. 


Muine Bheag


Small Towns

Smaller towns with an urban structure providing local services and employment functions catering for a wider rural hinterland area.



Larger Serviced  Rural Villages

Serviced villages with established populations  circa. 200 and settlement structure which provide important local level services.



Smaller Serviced Rural Villages

Villages with more limited services established populations  <200 and settlement structure which provide important local level services and community facilities.

Old Leighlin
St Mullins


Rural Nodes

Villages with established populations  <200 and a weaker settlement structure but contain important local services and community facilities e.g. local schools, churches and community facilities

Newtown Fennagh

15.1 Key Town - Carlow Town

As identified in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, a key objective of this Plan is to promote the sustainable and compact growth of Carlow Town and strengthen its position as a self-sustaining regional and interregional growth driver.  Section 1.5.1 outlines the strategic objectives for the future development of the town with policies to support the sustainable development of the town outlined in Section 2.8 (Ref: Policies CSP 1-4). Map 15.1 and 15.2 outline the proposed land use zonings and objectives for the former town council boundary of Carlow Town. The land use zoning objectives for the town council area will apply to the area identified in Map 15.1. Policies and standards in this County Development Plan shall apply to developments within the functional area of Carlow County Council.

A Joint Urban Area Plan (UAP) for the Greater Carlow Urban Area (inclusive of Carlow Environs and Graiguecullen) which will be informed by a Local Transport Plan will commence no later than one year following the adoption of this Plan.  The UAP will govern the greater urban area and include zonings, policies and objectives including Carlow Environs and Graiguecullen.

As outlined in CSP 3 it  is the policy of the Council to:

CSP.3:   Prepare a statutory Joint Urban Area Plan (UAP) for the Greater Carlow Urban Area with Laois County Council which will be informed by the preparation of a local transport plan prepared in consultation with the National Transport Authority and Transport Infrastructure Ireland. The UAP will align with the aims of this Core Strategy while having regard to the regional policy objectives as contained in the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Southern Region (RPO 11 and RPO 14) and the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy for the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly (RPO 4.75).

Zoning map

Carlow Town Land Use Zoning Map

Objectives map

Carlow Town Objectives Map

15.2 District Towns – Tullow and Muine Bheag

Tullow and Muine Bheag are classified as District Towns and comprise well developed serviced settlements with jobs supporting services and community facilities. These are important towns at a district level and have capacity for continued commensurate growth to become more self-sustaining.  It is a strategic objective of the Council to promote consolidation and growth in District Towns of Tullow and Muine Bheag along with targeted investment to improve local employment,  services and sustainable transport options, building on existing strategic assets within the towns.  

It is an objective of the Council to commence a review of the Tullow Local Area Plan and the Muine Bheag / Royal Oak Local Area (which are due to expire in 2023) no later than one year following the adoption of this Plan. Both Local Area Plans will be carried out having regard to the polices, objectives and standards contained in this Plan, demonstrating compliance with the Core Strategy including  Core Strategy Policies for District Towns (Ref: CSP 5 - CSP 7). The Local Area Plans will ensure a co-ordinated plan-led approach informs future development, facilitates regeneration and renewal and promotes economic development while ensuring the protection of environmental qualities, including bio-diversity.

15.3   Small Towns – Rathvilly, Leighlinbridge, Ballon, Borris, Hacketstown, Carrickduff and Tinnahinch

Small Towns have important roles to play in providing services for surrounding local areas and supporting the viability of small towns is of significant importance. The Planning and Development Act, 2000, as amended, enables a Planning Authority to incorporate objectives for towns with a population of less than 5,000 persons, within the framework of the County Development Plan.  Section 15.3.1-15.3.7 includes Small Town Plans with objectives and land use zonings for Rathvilly, Leighlinbridge, Ballon, Borris, Hacketstown and Carrickduff. Carrickduff falls within the wider settlement of Bunclody and has been prepared having due regard to the Draft Plan for Bunclody as contained in the Draft Wexford County Development Plan. Tinnahinch is also designated as a Small Town. It falls within the wider settlement of Graiguenamanagh. Sustainable development of both towns will be supported by co-operation between Carlow County Council and Wexford and Kilkenny County Councils. A Joint Local Area Plan is currently being prepared for Graiguenamangh – Tinnahinch.

The Small-Town Plans should be read in conjunction with the overall policies, objectives and standards as contained within this County Development including Core Strategy Strategic Aims (Ref: Section 2.5) and Core Strategy objectives for Small Towns as contained in Section 2.8.3 (Ref: Policies CSP 8 and CSP 9).



See attached document
We are seeking certain amendments to the draft development map for Carlow Town  contained in Chapter 15, as per our attached letter of submission
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