VII. Landscape Character Assessment

Closed28 Jun, 2022, 3:21pm - 28 Jun, 2022, 3:23pm


Cover of Landscape Character Assessment


This report presents a review of the Landscape Character Assessment and Schedule of Protected Views of Carlow for incorporation into the County Development Plan with a renewed emphasis on the significance and sensitivity of landscape resources for the people of Carlow. 

It presents Amendments to the be read in conjunction with the already adopted Carlow Landscape Character Assessment and its associated Schedule of Views, Prospects and Scenic Routes. 

Part 1 Review of Existing Documentation 

Carlow has an existing, adopted Landscape Character Assessment and an associated Schedule of Views, Prospects and Scenic Routes. These were prepared in 2008 and adopted in 2009 as part of the existing Carlow County Development Plan and the relevant maps, schedules and assessments are included in Part 3 of this document.  
Following detailed field work and consultation, these documents were reviewed to assess: 

  • Conformity with requirements of relevant regulations, guidance and best practice in the preparation of Landscape Character Assessment;
  • Appropriateness of methodology, expertise and documentation;
  • Comprehensiveness of analysis and characterisation of existing landscape units;
  • Accuracy of boundaries of areas; and
  • Representativeness of Views, Prospects and Scenic Routes.

The result of this assessment concluded that the work is of the highest standard and is fully conformant with the requirements of regulations and best practice. It was recommended that this material should be retained as part of the Carlow County Development Plan – subject to the Amendments Proposed in Part 2 of this Amendment.  

An Addendum of combined and consolidated tables and maps for the ‘Schedule of Views and Prospects’ and ‘Schedule of Scenic Routes’ is also included.

Continue reading. Download the Carlow County Landscape Character Assessment and Schedule of Protected Views [PDF]