IV. Housing Strategy and Housing Needs Demand Assessment

Closed28 Jun, 2022, 3:21pm - 28 Jun, 2022, 3:23pm



Cover page of Housing Strategy


This Housing Strategy has been prepared by KPMG Future Analytics on the behalf of Carlow County Council to meet the statutory requirements of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended). The purpose of this Housing Strategy is to outline the existing and future housing requirements County Carlow and to set out measures for the Council to plan for and address these needs. 

The Housing Strategy informs the policies and objectives of the Carlow County Development Plan 2022-2028, playing a key role in translating national and regional housing policies to the local level. Since the previous Housing Strategy and Carlow County Development Plan was prepared there have been significant changes in planning legislation and policy, especially the introduction of the National Planning Framework (NPF) and the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) for the Southern Regional Assembly.  

The NPF requires each local authority to develop a Housing Need Demand Assessment  (HNDA) which must underpin and support the preparation of housing strategies and housing policy. At the time of writing the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage  (DHLGH) is yet to formally publish guidance outlining the expected requirements of the HNDA. However, KPMG Future Analytics have developed a robust methodology to inform decision-making around the current and future housing supply and investment in housing related infrastructure and services in County Carlow in accordance with the NPF and all other relevant statutory requirements, including the DHLGH’s “‘Housing Supply Target Methodology for Development Planning:  Guidelines for Planning Authorities”. 

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